Our Infrastructure

Land >> The measurement of the said land is according to the guideline by the NCTE. Total area is just about 2511.35 sq.mt.(27032 sq. ft.) and the whole area is completely adjustable with the needs of the environment and it is completely free from any pollution that could hamper the training.

Building >> Our total building area is 2055.29 sq. mt.(22123 sq ft). The whole Building is completely fireproof and is evidently adequate with sufficient air, light and water. Our college gives all trainees a fully well furnished and well decorated building to reach their perspective necessity.

Playgorund >> As we all know from our basic knowledge that a grassy and a seasonally occupied space for a playground is very much needed by a training college. We are happy to serve the said ground with our adjacent college building.

Recognition >> We have applied to all the required apealete authority and the recognitions are awaited within a short period of time ahead.

Legal Docs >>

1. Barasat Pourasabha Receipt

2. Certificate of Possession

3. BL & LRO doc

4. Legal Land Documents.

5. Land Deed.

6. Building Completion Certificate/Site Plan/Municipality Granting Occupancy /Completion Certificate

7. Approval for establishment of a B.Ed. College by H.E.D. (W.B.)

8. Letter for Clarifying the deficient points as mentioned by NCTE (Regional Director, Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

9. Letter of NCTE for Inspection of the Institution under section 14 of NCTE Act for B.Ed. Course.

10. Essential Data Sheet duly sworn before the Notary Public to the Visiting Team

11. Newspaper Advertisement for Walk in Interview

12. Granting of Affiliation

13. Converted FDRS & Letter from Bank

14. Letter of the inspection for the affiliation

15. Letter from WBSU to sending experts for appointing regular faculty member

16. Letter of inspection from WBSU

17. Meetings for appoint the faculty members & Staff.....

18. Meeting of the Board of Organizing Committee.....

19. Regulation No. 22

20. Newspaper Advertisement for Walk in Interview

21. Letter of I.C.

22. Letter from I.C.

23. Forwarding Letter...

24. Application For Two Units

25. Building Completion Certificate

26. Certificate Of Land Use For Educational Purpose

27. Non-Encumbrance

28. Porcha

29. No objection certificate from WBBPE

30. 80G, 12A & FCRA order



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